A horizon is the edge of your vision, not the limit of your imagination.

Where are your limits? Who set your boundaries? Are they self-imposed or given to you? Do they bring you happiness and success? What does it mean to “seek your horizon?”

If you’re anything like me, you spent nearly the first quarter of your life going through “tunnels” – go to school, do homework, after X amount of years you can graduate, and then its off to College/University, where you do more school and more homework, and some extracurriculars, clubs, socialization – and it’s a lot of fun. It really is. But the course is mostly set out in front of you. The ground is laid. The path worn deep with footprints of all who came before you and safety nets everywhere. There are awards and honors and accolades to be achieved – within a certain range of behavior. What happens when you are out in the “real world?” (whatever that means)

Most people are expected, finally on their own, to settle into a “serious job,” one with “upward mobility” and “possibility for advancement.” There are tenure-tracks and partner-tracks and “promotions” and feel as if you’re getting somewhere. Are you? “Entry-level” just means you won’t be on the bottom forever, right?

Are you living for yourself or somebody else?

I’m not here to tell you what your goals are. Perhaps the corporate world is for you. Perhaps your passion lies in a career where suit-and-tie toil is unavoidable and perhaps even welcome. But for me, it’s unbearable. Ever since I’ve held a job, I’ve saved for trips – as long as I could afford, in places as far as I could get. Experiences were better than possessions, uncertainty and adventure superior to comfort and status.


But no matter how far away I got, no matter how successfully I immersed myself in some place or another, no matter how far over the horizon I pushed myself, I always needed to come back when I ran out of money. Perpetual travel wasn’t in my means – but most importantly it wasn’t in my mind. I didn’t think it possible. The biggest horizon I had – even as I struck out on courses for higher, deeper, farther, and stranger realms and lands – was the one I brought with me.

Now I’m not going to pretend to be better than anyone else – I’m not. But I think anybody can be pretty cool if they push themselves. And I know this is hard. Sometimes it seems like everything is fighting to keep you the same – society, your friends and family, low quality food, sedentary lifestyle, lovers, and worst of all: your own beliefs.

So on my journey to seek my own horizons – both out there in the world and in my own mind – and push past them, I hope I can inspire some people to see it’s possible for themselves as well to take a step farther out of comfort and towards something larger. Even if I fail at that – at least I’ll have a cool story to tell one day. To me, that’s not failure at all, but a life worth living.

jumping off a cliff to seek your horizon

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