Life is too short.


Too short for excuses. Too short for “what ifs” and “but I can’ts.” Too short for “maybe later.”

Nothing will ever be handed to you. Nobody will do it for you. BUT if you start, you’ll be surprised the amount of people who will help you. So I decided to write down exactly what I want to accomplish so I can go out and make it happen. It might take years (probably will!) but at least if I have a list, I’ll know exactly how much I have left. So without further ado, here’s my bucket list – the list of things I want to do before I die.

1. Visit all 7 continents.

2. Fly a wingsuit

3. Climb a mountain – a real one, where you need proper gear

4. Scuba dive inside a WW2 military wreck

5. Earn 6 figures a year working for myself

6. Go to the airport without a ticket and buy one to a random destination

7. Write a book

8. Participate in the Ididerod / a dog sled race

9. Go firewalking

climb a mountain at dawn

10. Participate in the Running of the Bulls

11. See the Aurora Borealis

12. Swim with a Manta Ray

13. Eat a live octopus

14. Visit the Pyramids

15. Jump into a cenote

16. Do cave diving

17. Sail a ship around the world

18. Fly an airplane

19. Fight in an amateur MMA fight

Aurora Borealis

20. See the pink beaches of Flores

21. Go to Tomorrowland festival in Belgium

22. Witness the sardine run in South Africa

23. Climb up a coconut tree and pick myself a coconut

24. Swim in a bioluminescent lake

25. See turtles hatching and scrambling to the ocean

26. Base jump off a tall building

27. Observe the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti

28. Visit the great 3 waterfalls – Niagra, Iguazu, and Victoria

29. Venture deep into the Amazon

30. Go to a ghost spot / haunted house for a night

31. Visit Croatia – Dubrovnik

32. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef – before it gets totally bleached

33. Attend Burning Man Festival in Nevada

34. Take a road trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean (or vice versa)

35. Travel from Patagonia to Alaska (or vice versa)

36. Go into space

37. Go on a Vipassana meditation retreat

38. Learn a 3rd foreign language

39. Learn to Tango


40. Drive a Ferrari

41. Swim with dolphins

42. Have a kid

43. Make a craft beer for sale

44. Learn to cook real Indian masala curry

45. Set off into the woods and be able to survive for a week with nothing but a knife

46. Sleep in a bivy

47. Ride in a helicopter (COMPLETE)

48. Sleep under the stars

49. Learn to sail

Sail in the sunset

50. Own a car

51. Get a PADI open water instructor license

52. Attend Sundance film festival

53. Scuba dive bronze age ruins

54. Take the Trans-Siberian Railroad

55. Take a journey on a submarine

56. Get 1,000 followers on Twitter

57. See Komodo dragons

58. Go hang gliding

59. Visit Barcelona


60. Be an extra in a major movie

61. Do the Shikoku pilgrimage in Japan

62. Visit Yellowstone

63. Milk a cow

64. Eat snake

65. See hippos in the wild, don’t get eaten by them

66. Fall dangerously in love

67. Make it through Finnegan’s Wake

68. Learn to Surf

69. Perfect my niku-jaga recipe

Yellowstone geyser

70. Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

71. Ride an ATV

72. Visit Borobodur

73. Swim with a whale shark

74. Learn to free dive

75. Visit the Maldives

76. Pick the mind of a spiritual master (COMPLETE – Summer, 2010)

77. Go diving in Truk lagoon

78. Try kitesurfing

79. Eat something the locals think is spicy

Borobodur panorama

80. Be my friends’ best man at his wedding

81. Find a horseshoe crab on a beach

82. Watch all of the IMDB top 250 movies

83. Have a post of mine be shared on a major blog/website

84. Take a bicycle trip for at least a month

85. Visit Tibet

86. Build a house for someone else

87. Create an aquaponic system

88. Trace my family tree back three generations

89. Win something from a crane game

90. Visit Myanmar

91. Drift in a car

92. Visit an oasis in the Sahara

93. Be debt free

94. Invent a new way to help people improve their station in life

95. Go sea-kayaking

96. Be the only person on an island

97. Attend the Rio de Janeiro Carnival (COMPLETE – Spring 2010)

98. Learn some Vodou

99. Swim in an infinity pool

100. Run a marathon

So there it is. My bucket list of 100 things to do before I die. Some of them might bring me closer to dying as well! Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Probably. Necessary? Definitely.

I wanted to write this out somewhere public to keep myself accountable to everybody and most importantly, my self. If I ever discover a horizon, I want to go beyond it. Hopefully this list will help me in that respect. Let me know what you think of it ~ !

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